ID 110. Application of Fuzzy Logic based Control in Micro-grids.
Lorena Castro, Sandra PérezLondoño and Juan Jose Mora Florez

ID 82. Data Analytics of PMU Measurement Features for Realtime Short-term Voltage Stability Prediction.
Jaime Dwaigth Pinzón Casallas and Delia Graciela Colomé

ID 100. Flexibility assessment applied to a customers group based on statistical surveys.
Elkin Moreno Soto, Orlando Alexander González and Andres Pavas

ID 44. Simulation of Modern Distribution Systems Using Matlab and OpenDSS.
Josimar TelloMaita, Agustin Marulanda and Andres Pavas

ID 16. Life Cycle Assessment of the power transmission network operated by INTERCOLOMBIA.
Andrea Uribe Correa, Natalia Andrea Cano Londoño and Juan David Álzate Tamayo

D 39. Lessons learned with the initial implementation of online monitoring for inductive equipment.
Gerardo Guerra Garcia, Juan Carlos CarreÑo Perez and Juan Carlos Montoya Blanco

ID 47. Asset Lifecycle Managment Analysis to Select Bushing Technology with the Optimal combinations of Costs, Risks and Performance.
Elkin Cantor and Alberto Herreno

ID 49. Smart Center for Asset Management: Transformation to intelligent maintenance through digitalization.
Hector Fabio Mejía Restrepo and Guillermo Atanasio Fonseca Pacheco

ID 15. Design, construction and testing of second use lithium ion battery prototype for stationary aplications.
Alejandro Camargo and Alejandro Marulanda

ID 24. A Comparative Analysis of Battery Electric Buses for Diesel Fleet Conversion in Medellin, Colombia.
María Elisa Briñón, Paula Andrea Restrepo, Mauricio Restrepo, Andrés Emiro Díez and Daniel Alberto Arroyave

ID 51. A Theory and a Case Study on Regenerative Energy Compensation in Railway Systems.
Andres Diez, Jose Restrepo, Diego Munera, Armando Bohorquez, Daniel Arroyave and Edison Manrique

ID 96. Current Development of Energy Storage Technologies for Advanced Applications in Sustainable Power Systems.
Jaime Dwaigth Pinzón Casallas

ID 75. Analysis of Frequency Impact in Power Systems with Integration of Renewable Resources.
Steven Jimenez and Héctor Antonio Botero Castro

ID 104. Effect of the Measurement Point in the Distribution System Fault Detecction with High Penetrarion of Non Convenctional Renewable Energy Generation.
Laura Agudelo, David Sanchez, Juan Piñeros, Ernesto Perez and Javier Llano

ID 29. Impact on Voltage Profile of Demand Response in Residential Loads: Colombian case.
Luis Alberto Lopez Diaz, Juan Daniel Ramirez Ortiz, Adriana Arango Manrique and Ingrid Oliveros Pantoja

ID 7. Load Dynamic Impact on Short-Term Voltage Stability.
Estefania A. Tapia, Jaime D. Pinzón and Delia G. Colomé

Eduardo GómezLuna, Miguel FuertesBravo and Franco Fuertes-Bravo

ID 12. Metering Management Center for Colombia and short-term strategies to implement programs related to smart metering.
William Montaño Salamanca and Javier Rosero García

ID 101. Automatic configuration of distance relays with process bus under a hardware in the loop scheme.
José Andrés Montoya Arias, Oscar Andrés Tobar Rosero and German Darío Zapata Madrigal

>ID 108. Relevant aspects for interoperability in electrical substations under implementation of process bus IEC 61850-9-2 with multi-vendor devices.
Oscar Andrés Tobar Rosero, Rafael Jaime Santamaría Isaza, Germán Darío Zapata Madrigal and Juan Carlos Olaya

ID 60. Reduction of maintenance based on OLTC fault signatures monitoring.
Emerson Nascimento, Adelfo Barnabé, Alexandro Santa Rosa and Aurélio Barbosa

ID 66. Analysis of Demand Management Effect on the Distribution Transformers Aging using numerical and analytical models.
Vladimir Cárdenas Bocanegra and Andres Pavas

ID 91. Technological Infrastructure for Asset Monitoring Systems.
Wilson Castillo Bautista

ID 92. Challenges and opportunities of smart grids implementation: A case of Colombia electricity sector.
Juan D. Molina Castro, Jaime Alejandro Zapata Uribe, Diego Edison Sanchez Ochoa and Luisa Fernanda Buitrago Arroyave

ID 62. Mobility scenarios in Colombia's main cities according to energy, macroeconomic, and demographic perspectives as of 2050: More electricity and gas with a less dynamic vehicle fleet?.
Romel Rodriguez

ID 17. Carbon Credits Price for Renewable Energy and Forestry Proyects in America and The Caribbean.
John J. Garcia Rendon and Victor David Giraldo Tirado

ID 36. Abating carbon emissions by means of utility-scale photovoltaics and storage: the Duke Energy Progress/Carolinas study case.
Edgar Virguez and Dalia Patiño-Echeverri

ID 19. A Machine Learning based Tool for AGC Performance Evaluation.
Victor Meza and Brian Camilo Perez

ID 9. Knowledge-based Decision Support Tool for Voltage Monitoring and Control: A Proof of Concept Victor. Manuel Meza Jimenez, Ernesto Pérez and Jorge Esteban Tobon
ID 32. Optimization model for Distributed Series Compensation with AC Power Flow. Guillermo Vinasco and Camilo Andrés Ordóñez Medina

ID 18. Reduction of electrical energy technical losses in the Metropolitan Area of Bucaramanga (AMB) using network reconfiguration based on exhaustive search.
Gabriel Ordóñez Plata, Wilmer De Jesús Tuta Torres, Wilton Antonio Flórez Ortiz and Diego Andrés Galvis Neira


ID 93. Classifying Residential Electricity Demand in Mexico Using Random Forest and Multinomial Logistic Regression.
Mauricio Hernandez Hernandez and Dalia Patino-Echeverri

ID 76. Characterization of the demand for electrical energy before the integration of distributed energy resources.
Diego Sánchez, Ernesto Perez Gonzalez and Rubén Cruz Rodríguez

ID 33. Design and location analysis of fast charging hybrid vehicle stations. A case study from Ecuador.
Joselyn Carbo, Sergio Mendoza, Iván Endara and Javier Urquizo

ID 107. Customer characterization: A pilot study for the incorporation of Demand Response programs.
Diego Echeverry, Sandra Ospina, John Zapata and Kevin Menco

ID 10. Forecast of solar radiation with the application of neural networks in rural zones of Ecuador.
Marco Toledo, Efraín Macancela, Fabián Aucapiña, Carlos Álvarez and Diego Morales

ID 35. Placement of weather stations in Colombia for future applications in solar and wind energy forecasting models.
Luis Duarte, Jesus Revollo, Daniel Betancur, Gabriel López, Idi Isaac, Hugo Cardona and Sebastián Ortega

ID 90. Analysis of a photovoltaic solar installation in accordance to performance parameters of IEC61724.
Javier Ruiz, Daniel González and Julio Quevedo

ID 41. Methodology for the optimal implementation of solar generation systems for the integral and sustainable development of rural areas in Colombia.
Luis Hernando Correa Salazar and Efrai n Bernal Alzate

ID 3. Cost Analysis of an MTDC for interconnection Guajira-CerromatosoPanama. David Paez and Mario A.

ID 13. Planning Expansion Using Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS).
Maria Gómez, Andrés Domínguez and Antonio Escobar

ID 25. Economic optimization of the backflashover outage rate in HVDC transmission systems.
Juan Camilo Amaya and Paulo De Oliveira-De Jesus

ID 53. Optimization of Honduras electricity generation mix for 2018.
María José Quintero

ID 4. State Estimator Assessment Platform in Distribution Systems with Advanced Metering Infrastructure and Distributed Generation using Real Time Simulations.
William Montaño Salamanca, David Álvarez, Javier Rosero García, Juan Serna Marín and Eduardo Gómez-Luna

ID 45 WiMAX Communication Technology Tests for evaluation as Media Transport for GOOSE Messages in Energy Distribution Networks. Ricardo Serra Simões Junior and Milana Lima dos Santos

ID 56. Simulación en tiempo real como parte de la validación para la implementación de subestaciones digitales.
Eduardo Gomez, Camilo Zapata and Miguel Fuertes-Bravo

ID 97. R-GOOSE in a recloser - What could it mean?.
Hernan Santana

SEL. Cost and Performance Comparison of Numerous InService Process Bus Merging Unit Solutions Based on IEC 61850.
David Dolezilek, Paulo Lima, Geraldo Rocha, Augusto Rufino, and William Fernandes,

SEL. Time-Domain Elements Optimize the Security and Performance of Transformer Protection.
Bogdan Kasztenny, Michael J. Thompson, and Douglas Taylor,

SEL. Mystery Solved: Five Surprises Discovered With Megahertz Sampling and Traveling-Wave Data Analysis.
Edmund O. Schweitzer, III, Veselin Skendzic, Armando Guzmán, Mangapathirao V. Mynam, and Jean León Eternod,

ID 2. Improved behavior against Lightning impact in compact lines with FRP poles.
Santiago Bustamante Mesa and Diego Mauricio Tauta Rua

ID 23. Substation Distribution Reliability Assessment Using Network Reduction and Montecarlo Method, a comparison.
Leyton Tacle, Edwin Lema and Henrry Valarezo

ID 77. Seismic Resilience Assessment in Electric Power Systems.
Alex Villamarín, Andrés Chávez and Rodrigo Moreno

ID 88. Considerations for the Assessment Resilience in Low Voltage Electrical Network with Photovoltaic Systems – Part I.
Alejandro Parrado-Duque, German OsmaPinto, Rusber RodríguezVelásquez and Gabriel OrdóñezPlata

ID 83. Distributed generation: An inventory of installed capacity in Colombia through 2019.
Pedro PalomaresMorón, Daniela Vásquez, Ana EscuderoAtehortúa and Mauricio Toro

ID 87. Distributed generation: An inventory of installed capacity in Colombia through 2019.
Jaime Blandón and Elkin Henao

ID 85. Implementation of BIM aproach for the design of high and extra high voltage electrical substations.
Alexandra Moncada and Elki n Henao

ID 109. Optimal sizing of distribution transformers using exhaustive search algorithm.
Alexander Aguila, Angel Robayo, Gabriel López, Leony Ortiz, Idi Isaac and Jorge González

ID 1. Design and Implementation of a Multiplier SEPIC Converter to Emulate a Photovoltaic System Using Power HIL.
Johan Romero, Horacio Rios, Juan Sanchez, Juan Palacios and Johnny Posada

ID 106. Comparison of results in the estimated Norton equivalent model with measurements within the limits of distortion on IEEE 519 and EN 50160.
Jeisson Bello, Gabriel MalagonCarvajal, Gabriel Ordóñez-Plata and César Duarte

ID 55. Hybrid Technique for the Analysis of NonLinear and NonStationary Signals focused on Power Quality. Mauricio Sanabria Villamizar, Maximiliano Bueno Lopez, Maria Marta Molinas and Efrain Bernal Alzate

ID 71. Model-Driven Microgrid Controller.
Mohammad Dadash Zadeh, Ali Mazloomzadeh, Hooman Ghaffarzadeh and Hugo Castro

ID 8. What has been learned from frequency-domain analysis of wind and solar power.
Jay Apt

ID 111. A comparative review of phase locked loop systems for microgrids applications considering multiple VSC-based distributed generators.
Carlos García-Ceballos, Juan Mora-Flórez and Sandra Pérez-Londoño

Andrés Eduardo Pérez Fernández, Juan Manuel Gers and Jaime Quintero

ID 105. Overhead Lines Assessment using Health Index.
Luis Alejandro Cárdenas García, David Leonardo Alvarez Alvarez, Rodolfo Garcia Sierra and Fernando Augusto Herrera León

ID 78. Efficient scheme model for electric power tariffs with distributed generation, based on demand response.
Edwin Marcelo Garcia Torres, Idi Isaac, Jorge Gonzales and Gabriel Lopez


ID 112. Renewable Energy Auctions in Colombia: Lessons Learned in Energy Policy Design.
Julia Gutiérrez, Luis Julián Zuluaga, Juan Carlos Giraldo, Katharina Grosso

ID 22. Retailer Electricity Market Price in Colombia.
Manuel Correa Giraldo, John J. García Rendon and Hermilson Velasquez Ceballos

ID 84. Cost Estimation of High Voltage Substation Equipment, using Artificial Intelligence Algorithms.
Gilbert Bothia, Elkin Henao and Laura Quintero

ID 86. FACTS Technology to Improve the Operation of Resilient Microgrids.
Luis Paredes, Benjamín Serrano and Marcelo Molina

ID 95. Alternative fault detection method in electrical power systems based on ARMA model.
Diego Carrion, Jorge W. Gonzalez, Gabriel J. Lopez and Idi A. Isaac

ID 103. On-Line Contingency Assessment Using Short-Term Load Forecasting.
Laura Cruz, David Alvarez, Sergio Rivera and Fernando Augusto Herrera León

Duberney Murillo Yarce, Jesser James Marulanda Durango and Andres Escobar Mejia

ID 26. Voltage Converters in Parallel Working as Virtual Synchronous Generators.
Juan Palacios and Johnny Posada

ID 57. Models of DFIG Wind Turbines and Complete Converter in DIgSILENT PowerFactory for Studies of Transient Analysis in Power Systems.
Juan Diego Caballero Peña, Cristian David Cadena Zarate, Diego Jimenez Alvernia, Javier Enrique Solano Martínez and Andrés Ignacio Hernández Duarte