Panel: Reality Check on Energy Transition mayoristas

The electric power industry is undergoing one of the fastest and deepest transformations in its 135-year history. This becomes ever more evident with the constant incorporation of disruptive technologies that have the potential to completely change the paradigms with which the sector has historically developed. These changes, which can be slow compared to the dynamics of other industries, will have much more relevant impacts on regulatory schemes and the business models that it supports. From this, it is inexorable to expect threats to traditional business models and new business opportunities for every participant of the market.

The increasing economic feasibility of renewable generation technologies, electricity storage, innovations in information technologies and telecommunications such as blockchain, coupled with new concepts of energy markets, will support the integration of new products and services both at the wholesale and retail levels.

The situation described originate a growing number of questions on how the future will unravel and how it will affect businesses and daily life of society.

• How deep and transformational will be the expected changes for the industry participants?
• How will the market and engineering sides of the electric industry will interact for a smoother transformation?
• How the policy makers, regulators, planners and system operators are preparing for the changes in energy supply and consumption?
• How the companies are preparing for the upcoming changes in business models?
• Are we expecting a slow transition, or will it be of Uber/Netflix speed and proportions?
• Can we expect to have a more perfect electricity market, with less need of regulation or
intervention? Or on the contrary, will require more of it?

Panel: Transformación de los mercados mayoristas

Cecilia Maya

Ph.D. - Gerente Mercado de Energía en XM S.A. E.S.P.

PhD. International En Economía y Finanzas de la Universidad Brandeis de Boston E.U., M.A. International En Economía y Finanzas, Boston E.U., Doctora en Leyes de la Universidad de Medellín, Especialista en Política Económica de la Universidad de Antioquia, y Especialista en Instituciones Financieras de la Universidad EAFIT.

Se desempeñó como Gerente del Banco de Bogotá en Medellín, desde Octubre de 1989 a Nov 1993, Fue Gerente del Banco Real en Medellín, desde diciembre de 1993 hasta diciembre de 1996, desde Agosto de 2004 a Junio de 2008 fue Directora de la Maestría en Finanzas en la Universidad EAFIT. Ha realizado múltiples publicaciones y realizado investigaciones en el área Financiera. Desde el año 2010, se desempeña como Gerente Mercado de Energía en XM S.A. E.S.P., Empresa de ISA.

Panel: Main opening session - FISE-IEEE/CIGRE CONFERENCE 2019

Dr. Damir Novosel, President, Quanta Technology Expert, has over 30 years of experience working with electric utilities and vendors. Damir has created and managed several reputable and successful organizations that developed innovative technology and industry best practices in various areas of power systems. Previously, he was vice president of ABB Automation Products and president of KEMA T&D US. He has led development and implementation of pioneering concepts, methods, and products that improved reliability and efficiency of power grids.

Damir is elected to National Academy of Engineers in 2014. Dr. Novosel, an IEEE Fellow, serves as IEEE Power and Energy Society (PES) President and was IEEE PES VP of Technology. Damir is also member of the CIGRE US National Committee and received the CIGRE Attwood Associate award.

Damir holds 17 US and international patents and published over 100 articles in Transactions, Journals and Proceedings, receiving IEEE PES 2011 and 2013 Prize Paper Awards. He has led or participated in numerous IEEE standards, publications and other initiatives. He co-authored a paper in IEEE Spectrum on "Getting a Grip on the Grid" and contributed to four books, including McGraw-Hill Yearbook of Science and Technology. Dr. Novosel has contributed to a number of IEEE and CIGRE tutorials, guides, standards, reports and other publications. Damir has been a keynote speaker, invited presenter, and a panelist at a number of IEEE, CIGRE, and IEEE conferences and panels presenting topics on sustainable energy, power system automation, and power grid management, etc. One month after the August 2003 North-East blackout, he was invited to be a panelist at the T&D Show in Dallas on Power System Blackouts. The Washington Post interviewed Dr. Novosel on blackouts.


Damir Novosel

Ph.D. and MSc, BSc degrees in electrical engineering - President, QUANTA TECHNOLOGY Industry Outreach Initiative - IEEE PESS

Panel: Main opening session - FISE-IEEE/CIGRE CONFERENCE 2019

Mohamed Raswan

Ph.D, P.Eng - President TransGrid Solutions Chair of Cigre study committee B4 “HVDC and power electronics”.

Dr. Mohamed Rashwan is a professional engineer with over 40 years of experience in HVDC and FACTS. His expertise is in the areas of equipment specifications and design, economic assessment of projects, project execution, O&M, witnessing of factory tests, commissioning & system tests, and integration of HVDC and FACTS into the power system.

After working for Manitoba Hydro for 25 years in the HVDC Engineering Department, Mohamed co-founded TGS in 2002.

Dr. Rashwan is current chair of Cigre study committee B4 “HVDC and power electronics”.

In 2010, he was the recipient of the prestigious IEEE PES Uno Lamm HVDC award. This award recognizes outstanding contributions to HVDC technology. The technology has developed into an effective power system tool for long-distance energy transport, ac network interconnections, and system stability enhancement. These developments have come from the work of dedicated engineers and scientists in many countries throughout the world.

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